An Ode To Adjucting

By Maia McGehee

Lessons to write
Lessons to give
Lessons to regret

Emails to read
Emails to send
Emails to mark read

Exams to grade
Paper prompts to write
Discussion posts to read (and grade)

Training to complete
Absence forms to turn in
Pay to get docked

Bills to pay (or avoid paying until another day)
Taxes to file
Taxes to owe (really, though?)

Plagiarized papers to deal with
Missed exams to schedule
Late work to accept (or deny)

Students’ lives to change
Students’ attention to grab (or not)
Students who slip through the cracks (despite your best efforts)

No chance of security
No chance of a living wage
No chance of respect

Fulfillment? Sure, there’s some
But at what cost?

This is the state of education
With no end in sight

It’s our choice, true
But it won’t be long before we’re through

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