Day Eleven #NaPoWriMo2019

By Alex McGehee


Things that amuse me, poems to write,

Poems to amuse me, in spirit and sight.

Things that worry me, and things I adore,

Sitting on the computer, wanting more and more.

Communication and comfort, is all that I seek,

So I spend more time on social media, week after week,

And suddenly I realize, everything has gotten quite bleak,

And anxious, when it was only truth that I seek.

Peace and truth, and hope and love,

And comfort that there is, some kind of God above.

I look and I hope, and I listen and wait,

Praying for the Lord, my soul to take.

So now social media, let me gone,

We played around for a while, sang a few songs,

But now I am tired and you’ll soon be bored,

Because nothing this Autistic girl can do, will leave you truly floored.

In the way that you want, in the way that you need,

Desiring to have influence, so many people to please,

Never can you really, be true to yourself,

So many factor to compromise, so many risks to your health,

Mental and physical, psychological too,

So for now social media, ado, ado. 

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